Stanford Varsity Fencing Alumni

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Name Year Weapon
Stephen Aman Senior Foil
Nicholas Campbell-Kruger Sophomore Epee
Robin Cheong Freshman Epee
Andre Cornman Junior Foil
Jeffrey Dalli Sophomore Sabre
Ty Hunter Sophomore Sabre
Daniel Ibeling Freshman Sabre
Justin Kang Freshman Foil
Gil Kornberg Sophomore Foil
Tristan Krueger Sophomore Epee
Samuel Kwong Freshman Sabre
Harrison MacRae Junior Epee
James Manson Senior Foil
Alexander Massialas Grad Student Foil
Darren Mei Junior Foil
Sajan Patel Sophomore Epee
Jose Recinto Sophomore Sabre
Mitchell So Freshman Sabre
Logan Spear Junior Sabre
John Stayner Senior Sabre
Sean Strong Sophomore Epee
Royce Wang Sophomore Sabre
Gabe Weininger Sophomore Epee
Cameron Woods Freshman Epee
Rose Adams Freshman Sabre
Christie Dawson Junior Foil
Valerie Garcia Sophomore Sabre
Amanda Han Freshman Epee
Eliza Klyce Senior Foil
Vivian Kong Grad Student Epee
Zoe Lee-Chong Junior Sabre
Seoyun Moon Freshman Foil
Alexa Rohan Senior Sabre
Becca Rose Junior Epee
Cindy Torma Junior Foil
Carly Weber-Levine Sophomore Sabre
Anna Widder Sophomore Foil
Adrienne Yang Sophomore Epee
Chantel Yang Sophomore Epee
Claire Zau Sophomore Sabre


Name Year Weapon
Stephen Aman Junior Foil
David Beam Senior Sabre
Nicholas Campbell-Kruger Freshman Epee
Andre Cornman Sophomore Foil
Steven Howell Junior Sabre
Ty Hunter Freshman Sabre
Gil Kornberg Freshman Foil
Tristan Krueger Freshman Epee
Justin Lee Senior Foil
Harrison MacRae Sophomore Epee
James Manson Junior Foil
Alexander Massialas Senior Foil
Darren Mei Sophomore Foil
Sajan Patel Freshman Epee
Jose Recinto Freshman Sabre
Ben Riviere Junior Epee
Logan Spear Sophomore Sabre
John Stayner Junior Sabre
Sean Strong Freshman Epee
Royce Wang Freshman Sabre
Gabe Weininger Freshman Epee
Christie Dawson Sophomore Foil
Valerie Garcia Freshman Sabre
Eliza Klyce Junior Foil
Vivian Kong Senior Epee
Zoe Lee-Chong Sophomore Sabre
Belinda Mo Freshman Epee
May Peterson Junior Epee
Alexa Rohan Junior Sabre
Becca Rose Sophomore Epee
Cindy Torma Sophomore Foil
Stephanie Wang Junior Sabre
Carly Weber-Levine Freshman Sabre
Anna Widder Freshman Foil
Adrienne Yang Freshman Epee
Chantel Yang Freshman Epee
Avery Youngblood Senior Sabre
Claire Zau Freshman Sabre


Name Year Weapon
Stephen Aman Sophomore Foil
David Beam Junior Sabre
Andre Cornman Freshman Foil
Steven Howell Sophomore Sabre
Harrison MacRae Freshman Epee
James Manson Sophomore Foil
Alexander Massialas Junior Foil
Darren Mei Freshman Foil
Ben Riviere Sophomore Epee
Paul Riviere Senior Epee
Logan Spear Freshman Sabre
John Stayner Sophomore Sabre
Christie Dawson Freshman Foil
Eliza Klyce Sophomore Foil
Vivian Kong Junior Epee
Zoe Lee-Chong Freshman Sabre
May Peterson Sophomore Epee
Alexa Rohan Sophomore Sabre
Becca Rose Freshman Epee
Stephanie Wang Sophomore Sabre
Avery Youngblood Junior Sabre


Name Year Weapon
Stephen Aman Freshman Foil
David Beam Sophomore Sabre
Turner Caldwell Senior Foil
Jake Harbour Junior Epee
Cameron Lindsay Sophomore Sabre
James Manson Freshman Foil
Alexander Massialas Sophomore Foil
Daniel McHugh Senior Sabre
Kael McInnis Sophomore Epee
Ben Riviere Freshman Epee
Paul Riviere Junior Epee
John Stayner Freshman Sabre
Francesca Bassa Senior Epee
Isabel Gueble Sophomore Sabre
Julia Klepner Junior Sabre
Eliza Klyce Freshman Foil
Vivian Kong Sophomore Epee
Lily McElwee Junior Foil
May Peterson Freshman Epee
Alexa Rohan Freshman Sabre
Stephanie Wang Freshman Sabre
Avery Youngblood Sophomore Sabre


Name Year Weapon
Kian Ameli Senior Epee
David Beam Freshman Sabre
Turner Caldwell Junior Foil
Cole Connelly Senior Epee
Samuel Hansen Freshman N/A
Jake Harbour Junior Epee
Jeremy Klepner Senior Sabre
Cameron Lindsay Sophomore Sabre
Isaac Madan Sophomore Foil
Alexander Massialas Freshman Foil
Daniel McHugh Junior Sabre
Kael McInnis Freshman Epee
Paul Riviere Sophomore Epee
Francesca Bassa Junior Epee
Carly Cohen Freshman Foil
Meaghan Conway Junior Foil
Isabel Gueble Freshman Sabre
Julia Klepner Sophomore Sabre
Vivian Kong Freshman Epee
Lily McElwee Sophomore Foil
Atira Richards Junior Sabre
Avery Youngblood Freshman Sabre
Amanda Zerbe Freshman Foil


Name Year Weapon
Alex Stadnyk Junior Foil
Turner Caldwell Sophomore Foil
Chris Khoshnevissan Sophomore Foil
Reed Jobs Sophomore Foil
Jonathan Lee Freshman Foil
Isaac Madan Freshman Foil
Andrew Scheuermann Ph.D. Foil
Kevin Mo Senior Epee
Cole Connelly Junior Epee
Kian Ameli Junior Epee
Jake Harbour Sophomore Epee
Paul Riviere Freshman Epee
Jeremy Klepner Junior Sabre
Daniel McHugh Sophomore Sabre
Cameron Lindsay Freshman Sabre
Rebecca Chung Senior Foil
Meaghan Conway Sophomore Foil
Amanda Zerbe Freshman Foil
Ashley Titan Senior Epee
Katya Stavisky Freshman Epee
Suraya Omar Senior Sabre
Atira Richards Sophomore Sabre
Julia Klepner Freshman Sabre


Name Year Weapon
Phillip Arredondo 5th Foil
Alex Khoshnevissan Senior Foil
Juan David Borrero Junior Foil
Alex Stadnyk Sophomore Foil
Turner Caldwell Freshman Foil
Reed Jobs Freshman Foil
Michael Hammersley Senior Epee
Kevin Mo Junior Epee
Cole Connelly Sophomore Epee
Kian Ameli Sophomore Epee
Jake Harbour Freshman Epee
Max Murphy Senior Sabre
Lucas Janson Senior Sabre
Jeremy Klepner Sophomore Sabre
Daniel McHugh Freshman Sabre
Samantha Perlman Senior Foil
Rebecca Chung Junior Foil
Maneeshika Madduri Sophomore Foil
Meaghan Conway Freshman Foil
Katherine Lynch Senior Epee
Kersten Schnurle Senior Epee
Ashley Titan Junior Epee
Francesca Bassa Sophomore Epee
Lianna Louie Senior Sabre
Suraya Omar Junior Sabre
Atira Richards Freshman Sabre


Name Year Weapon
Kian Ameli Freshman Epee
Phillip Arredondo Senior Foil
Juan David Borrero Sophomore Foil
Cole Connelly Sophomore Epee
Michael Hammersley Junior Epee
Lucas Janson Junior Sabre
Jeremy Klepner Freshman Sabre
Christopher Lowman Senior Sabre
Kevin Mo Sophomore Epee
Max Murphy Junior Sabre
Reese Rogers Senior Foil
Alex Stadnyk Freshman Foil
Francesca Bassa Freshman Epee
Rebecca Chung Sophomore Foil
Lianna Louie Junior Sabre
Kat Lynch Junior Epee
Maneeshika Madduri Freshman Epee
Suraya Omar Sophomore Sabre
Sarah Parker Senior Sabre
Samantha Perlman Junior Foil
Kersten Schnurle Junior Epee
Ashley Titan Sophomore Epee
Jessica Wacker Senior Foil


Name Year Weapon
Phillip Arredondo Junior Men's Foil
Juan David Borrero Freshman Men's Foil
Michael Hammersley Sophomore Men's Epee
Lucas Janson Sophomore Men's Sabre
Julian Jennings-White Junior Men's Foil
Clayton Kenney Senior Men's Epee
Alex Khoshnevissan Sophomore Men's Foil
Sergey Levine Senior Men's Epee
Teddy Levitt Senior Men's Sabre
Christopher Lowman Junior Men's Sabre
Kevin Mo Freshman Men's Epee
Max Murphy Sophomore Men's Sabre
Reese Rogers Junior Men's Epee
Dan Tucker Senior Men's Foil
Sophia Alberts-Willis Junior Women's Foil
Rebecca Chung Freshman Women's Foil
Eva Jellison Senior Woman's Sabre
Brittany Leader Senior Women's Epee
Lianna Louie Sophomore Women's Sabre
Kat Lynch Sophomore Women's Epee
Suraya Omar Freshman Women's Sabre
Sarah Parker Junior Woman's Sabre
Samantha Perlman Sophomore Women's Foil
Kersten Schnurle Sophomore Women's Epee
Ashley Titan Freshman Women's Epee
Jessica Wacker Junior Women's Foil


Name Year Weapon
Phillip Arredondo Sophomore Men's Foil
Rick Fulton Senior Men's Foil
Lucas Janson Freshman Men's Sabre
Julian Jennings-White Sophomore Men's Foil
Clayton Kenney Junior Men's Epee
Alex Khoshnevissan Freshman Men's Foil
Sergey Levine Junior Men's Epee
Teddy Levitt Junior Men's Sabre
Christopher Lowman Sophomore Men's Sabre
Max Murphy Freshman Men's Sabre
Reese Rogers Sophomore Men's Epee
Jon Spivack Freshman Men's Epee
Dan Tucker Junior Men's Foil
Sophia Alberts-Willis Sophomore Women's Foil
Rachel Becker Freshman Women's Foil
Elaine Huspeni Sophomore Women's Epee
Eva Jellison Junior Woman's Sabre
Brittany Leader Junior Women's Epee
Lianna Louie Freshman Women's Foil
Kat Lynch Freshman Women's Epee
Sarah Parker Sophomore Woman's Sabre
Kersten Schnurle Freshman Women's Epee
Jessica Wacker Sophomore Women's Foil


Name Year Weapon
Phillip Arredondo Freshman Men's Foil
Rick Fulton Junior Men's Foil
Julian Jennings-White Freshman Men's Foil
Eric Jung Senior Men's Foil
Clayton Kenney Sophomore Men's Epee
Sergey Levine Sophomore Men's Epee
Teddy Levitt Sophomore Men's Sabre
Christopher Lowman Freshman Men's Sabre
Reese Rogers Freshman Men's Epee
Andrew Suciu Freshman Men's Sabre
Dan Tucker Sophomore Men's Foil
Sophia Alberts-Willis Freshman Women's Foil
Heather Backman Senior Women's Epee
Elaine Huspeni Freshman Women's Epee
Eva Jellison Sophomore Woman's Sabre
Brittany Leader Sophomore Women's Epee
Sarah Parker Freshman Woman's Sabre
Jessica Wacker Freshman Women's Foil


Name Year Weapon
Curtis Andrus Junior Men's Sabre
Matt Burriesci Junior Men's Sabre
Richard Fulton Sophomore Men's Foil
Steve Gerberman 5th Men's Foil
Matt Grubb Senior Men's Foil
Clayton Kenney Freshman Men's Epee
John Vandin Komkov Freshman Men's Epee
Guy Kornberg Sophomore Men's Epee
Martin Lee Senior Men's Epee
Sergey Levine Freshman Men's Epee
Teddy Levitt Freshman Men's Sabre
Justin Salinas Junior Men's Epee
Alex Stein Junior Men's Epee
Eric Teasley Junior Men's Sabre
Dan Tucker Freshman Men's Foil
Adalina Acuna Senior Women's Sabre
Heather Backman Junior Women's Epee
Sara Farahani Sophomore Women's Foil
Rebecca Illowsky Sophomore Women's Foil
Eva Jellison Freshman Women's Sabre
Chavanne Lamb Junior Women's Foil
Brittany Leader Freshman Women's Epee
Aileen Malony Senior Women's Sabre
Ellie Wen Freshman Women's Epee


Name Year Weapon
Curtis Andrus Sophomore Men's Sabre
Ra Amen Junior Men's Epee
Matt Burriesci Sophomore Men's Sabre
Calvin Chin Senior Men's Sabre
Richard Fulton Freshman Men's Foil
Steve Gerberman Senior Men's Foil
Matt Grubb Junior Men's Foil
Guy Kornberg Freshman Men's Epee
Eric Jung Sophomore Men's Foil
Martin Lee Junior Men's Epee
Eric Lehnart Sophomore Men's Foil
Luis Miguel Ochoa Sophomore Men's Foil
Jonathan Pearlstein Junior Men's Sabre
Justin Salinas Sophomore Men's Epee
Alex Stein Sophomore Men's Epee
Eric Teasley Sophomore Men's Sabre
Adalina Acuna Junior Women's Sabre
Heather Backman Junior Women's Epee
Katarzyna Bryc Senior Women's Sabre
Sara Farahani Freshman Women's Sabre
Alexis Franklin Senior Women's Epee
Rebecca Illowsky Freshman Women's Foil
Chavanne Lamb Sophomore Women's Epee
Margo Liptsin Freshman Women's Foil
Aileen Malony Junior Women's Sabre
Jeni William Senior Women's Sabre
Iris Zimmerman Senior Women's Foil


Name Year Weapon
Nina Acuna Sophmore Women's Sabre
Katarzyna Bryc Junior Women's Sabre
Kopal Kulkarni Freshman Women's Sabre
Chavanne Lamb Freshman Women's Sabre
Aileen Maloney Sophomore Women's Sabre
Jennifer Williams Junior Women's Sabre
Ana Carreon Sophomore Women's Foil
Lauren Chan Senior Women's Foil
Kimen Field Senior Women's Foil
Eva Petschnigg Senior Women's Foil
Karen Wang Senior Women's Foil
Heather Backman Freshman Women's Epee
Sarah Barker-Ball Senior Women's Epee
Jordan Miller Sophomore Women's Epee
Miri Hutcherson Sophomore Women's Epee
Chistina Saikus Senior Women's Epee
Sarah Truebe Sophomore Women's Epee
Curtis Andrus Freshman Men's Sabre
Calvin Chin Senior Men's Sabre
Eric Jung Freshman Men's Sabre
Robert Owens Senior Men's Sabre
Jonathan Pearlstein Sophomore Men's Sabre
Eric Teasley Freshman Men's Sabre
Matt Burriesci Freshman Men's Foil
Greg Donaker* Junior Men's Foil
Matthew Grubb Sophomore Men's Foil
Steve Gerberman* Junior Men's Foil
Erik Lehnert Freshman Men's Foil
Florian Reichling Senior Men's Foil
Ra Amen Junior Men's Epee
Ken Jung* Junior Men's Epee
Martin Lee Sophomore Men's Epee
Alex Stein Freshman Men's Epee

* Not fencing this year


Name Year Weapon
Nina Acuna Freshman Women's Sabre
Graham Allen 5th Men's Epee
Ra Amen Sophomore Men's Epee
Sarah Barker-Ball Sophomore Women's Epee
Tynan Burke Freshman TBD
Lauren Chan Junior Women's Foil
Calvin Chin Sophomore Men's Sabre
Greg Donaker Sophomore Men's Foil
Meghan Everett Junior TBD
Kimen Field Junior Women's Foil
Steve Gerberman Sophomore Men's Foil
Ben Goldsmith Junior TBD
Brian Grefenstette Junior TBD
Matthew Grubb Freshman Men's Foil
Miri Hutcherson Freshman Women's Epee
Ken Jung Sophomore Men's Epee
Martin Lee Freshman Men's Epee
Bryan Lence Freshman TBD
Aileen Maloney Freshman Women's Sabre
Jordan "Jordi" Miller Freshman Women's Epee
Mark Mulholland Junior TBD
Robert Owens Senior Men's Sabre
Jonathan Pearlstein Freshman Men's Sabre
Eva Petschnigg Junior Women's Foil
Florian Reichling Junior Men's Foil
Christina Saikus Junior Women's Epee
Karen Wang Junior Women's Foil
Kenneth Wee Senior TBD
Jeniffer Williams Sophomore Women's Sabre
Iris Zimmerman Junior Women's Foil


Name Year Weapon
Colleen Acosta Junior TBD
Graham Allen Senior Men's Epee
Sarah Barker-Ball Freshman Women's Epee
Avin Bansal Senior Men's Epee
Diane Boudalis Senior Women's Sabre
Ben Brutlag Senior TBD
Austin Burke Sophomore TBD
Calvin Chin Freshman Men's Sabre
Greg Donaker Freshman Men's Foil
Meghan Everett Sophomore TBD
Steve Gerberman Freshman Men's Foil
Ben Goldsmith Sophomore TBD
Brian Grefenstette Sophomore TBD
Marisa Juarez Freshman TBD
Ken Jung Freshman Men's Epee
Dave LaValle Senior Men's Sabre
Mark Mulholland Sophomore TBD
Colleen O'Kelly Senior Women's Sabre
Harrison Osaki Freshman TBD
Robert Owens Junior Men's Sabre
Cheech Penceval Freshman TBD
Felix Reichling Senior Men's Foil
Florian Reichling Sophomore Men's Foil
Christina Saikus Sophomore Women's Epee
Vanessa Smith Junior TBD
Samantha Symonds Sophomore TBD
Eric Wanless Sophomore TBD
Kenneth Wee Junior TBD
Iris Zimmerman Sophomore Women's Foil


Name Year Weapon
Iris Simmerman Sophomore Women's Foil
Ute Breden Senior Women's Foil
Jessica Lisigor Senior Women's Epee
Annie Simpson Senior Women's Epee
Megan Everett Freshman TBD
Samantha Symonds Freshman TBD
Diane Boudalis Junior Women's Sabre
Katie Stephan Senior Women's Sabre
Colleen O'Kelly Junior Women's Sabre
Margaret Lee Freshman TBD
Vanessa Smith Sophomore TBD
Colleen Acosta Sophomore TBD
Ian Hill Junior TBD
Felix Reichling Junior Men's Foil
Florian Reichling Freshman Men's Foil
Alex Wood 5th Men's Foil
Nick Furrow Senior TBD
Mark Mulholland Freshman TBD
Joseph Meyer Freshman TBD
Eric Tribbett Senior Men's Epee
Walter Talbot Freshman TBD
Avin Bansal Junior Men's Epee
Graham Allen Junior Men's Epee
Jared Delgin Senior Men's Sabre
Dave LaValle Junior Men's Sabre
Robert Owens Sophomore Men's Sabre
Eric Wanless Freshman TBD


Name Year Weapon
Graham Allen Sophomore Men's Epee
Avin Bansal Sophomore Men's Epee
Eric Tribbett Junior Men's Epee
Tom Hunt Junior Men's Epee
Felix Reichling Sophomore Men's Foil
Alex Wood Senior Men's Foil
Robert Owens Freshman Men's Sabre
Dave LaValle Sophomore Men's Sabre
Dave Countryman Senior Men's Sabre
Jared Delgin Junior Men's Sabre
Monique Deburin Senior Women's Foil
Ute Breden Junior Women's Foil
Iris Zimmerman Freshman Women's Foil
Jessica Lisagor Junior Women's Epee
Annie Simpson Junior Women's Epee
Katie Stephen Junior Women's Sabre
Colleen O'Kelly Sophomore Women's Sabre
Diane Boudalis Sophomore Women's Sabre


Name Year Weapon

Coaching Staff

Name Years Active Position
Valeriy Naulo 2002- Assistant Coach
George Pogosov 1998- Co-Head Coach
Lisa Posthumus Milgram 1996- C0-Head Coach
Alexander Lepeshinski 2014-2015 Assistant Coach
Graham Allen 2006-2008 Armorer
Andre Bobo 2004-2005 Assistant Coach
Kristfer Jennings 1999-2002 Armorer
Alex Kuznetsov 2001-2004 Assistant Coach
Sherry Posthumus 1980-2005 Assistant Athletic Director
Zoran Tulum 1995-1998 Assistant Athletic Director
Jean Helliwell 1964-1982 Head Coach
Elwynn B. Bugge 1929-1964 Fencing Master and Sports Administrator